Little Red Barn Stories
Written by Donna Mann
Read by Sharon Sinclair and other friends
‘Come to the Farm’ (2010).hen-with-three-chicken

This a collection gathered between grandparents, grandchildren and a wonderful century old homestead with its many untold stories. You are invited to visit animals and birds in their natural environment of a little red barn and surrounding yards and creeks. Added to this, you’ll spend time in the creaky old farm house and explore the corners and secret places in the garden. In some cases my grandchildren gave me the story plots, played out the dramas in the garden or barnyard and developed and named the characters: it was a happy joint effort.

You will often meet many of the same animals and birds in different stories as they continue to make life interesting on the farm: Oliver the Owl, Hetty the Hen, Blossom the Cow, Jenny the Wren, Stormy the Cat, Jack and Dolly Donkey and many more. Let’s go and explore!

And when you want to come to the Farm Story website to meet more friends, you’ll find them all at: http://meadowlane.homestead.com/


About Donna:
I’ve been writing forever; my cat being my first audience. Give her the warmth of a sun ray and the sound of my voice and she was happy. I enjoyed all my elementary readers and subjects relating to English and I remember the closet-style library with affection in S. S. # 4 Pilkington one-room country school. Every Friday afternoon, the teacher opened those magic doors and there they were: books, friends between covers.

I am grateful that my children liked bed time stories. And even later when some of their children liked them even more – maybe I became better at telling them. The audio and PDF books that I’m sharing on this blog are from a collection of a story-at-year, to my Grandkids every Christmas for twelve years.

My books and other writing achievements can be followed at donnamann.org. See you there.

You can find Sharon’s poetry, stories and personal writing at: http://www.poetryspeaker.com. She will welcome your visits.

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