Six Wishes For Willow

Written by Donna Mann; read by Sharon Sinclair


What does a Willow tree wish for and who helps to make her wishes come true? Will Willow’s wishes ever be granted? She knows she has to stretch tall to make it happen.Willow’s growth as a tree has been blocked by other trees. She refuses to give up on her dream of growing tall and becoming all she was meant to be. Discover how this determined little Willow tree overcomes difficulty to fulfill her true purpose.


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Jenny’s Nest

Can Jenny really save her nest when trouble comes? She must act quickly, defend her territory and protect her home. Discover how her forest friends try to help her and what she does to stand up for herself. This story will help you believe in your own ability to overcome challenges and reach the goals you have set for yourself.


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Under the Steps

Written by Donna Mann
Read by Sharon Sinclair

Under the stepsPhoto:courtesy of Crieff Hills

What will you find under the steps at Grammie’s house? It will be a surprise. Has anybody been in there since you were last here? Come under the steps and see for yourself. I think you’ll see just what you need to have a happy day.


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The Attic Door

Written by Donna MannUnknown
Read by Sharon Sinclair

What closed door does not interest a curious mind? Will Geordie be able to open the old grey door? And if he does, what will he see? Geordie becomes curious about sounds from the attic where no one ever goes. Come along with him as he discovers how to open the attic door. Grow along with him as he finds out how being curious is an interesting part of his character.

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The Good Troll

Written by Donna Mann
Read by Sharon SinclairBob the good Troll

Three troll brothers who see the world differently try to have fun in their own way.   Does good really overcome bad in this story of mischief and make-believe? What does it take for the Bad Trolls to catch on that life is good?

How does a troll story fit in a farm story? It does, especially if the lane has an old bridge over a creek and you ask, what if . . .

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Stormy’s Mouse

Written by Donna Mann

Read by Sharon Sinclair

Little Red Barn Children's Stories

Stormy is a very clever cat, but she can’t figure out why the mouse that sits beside the computer refuses to play. What will she do to make it a good friend? Stormy thinks of many ways to coax the mouse to play, but has she missed something? Will Stormy find a new friend in the computer mouse? I wonder.

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